Tips For Buying Custom Engagement Rings from a Great Jeweller

Jeweler in shopAre you looking to buy custom engagement rings in Surrey BC? You have come to the right place if you are, because we’ve put together a few essential tips to help you out. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of how to find the best custom engagement rings – no matter if you prefer, gold, silver, platinum, or precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, or emeralds just to name a few.

Find A Reputable Jewelry Dealer

Finding a dealer that sells custom engagement rings is easy, but finding a reputable one takes a bit of research. Ask your friends, family, co-workers and brides if they can recommend a reputable dealer that sells engagement rings. Keep in mind that if you’re going to purchase a diamond engagement ring, then it will come with a FIA report, and if it doesn’t, then don’t waste your money on it. If it doesn’t come with a GIA report, then it should have been appraised by another certified jewelry institution. You can also check to see if the business in question is listed with a regulator, such as if they are in Canada – with the Canadian Jewellers Association.

Start Your Search Early

As a rule of thumb, if you’re shopping for a custom engagement ring, then start your search early because it will likely take about a month or two before you finally get what you want. Generally speaking, the process will involve speaking with the jeweler and telling them what your preferences are and things of that nature. The jeweler will create a sketch or use digital imaging to show you what your ring will look like. You’ll have the chance to review the sketch and other features of the ring before you decide if it’s what you really want.

Tips For Buying Diamonds

If you’re buying a diamond engagement ring, then consider the cut of it. The other three C’s are important, but in our opinion it is the cut of the diamond that is the most important. A good jeweler will help you choose a diamond based on your preferences but do stress to them that you care about its cut above everything else.

Try Different Ring Settings

This might seem obvious, but make sure you try on different ring settings. In fact, try on as many settings as possible. Doing this will help the jeweler determine what size your custom engagement ring should be.

Don’t forget to bring in photos of the rings you are interested in the most. It doesn’t matter how good of a jeweler they are, the chances are they will not be able to produce an exact replica of the ring you like the most, but they can make a few tweaks and the end result will be close to it. Plus, you don’t want a replica of another ring because the whole purpose of getting a custom made engagement ring is so you will have something unique and different that nobody else has. You will have a ring that is truly made for you.

Buying a custom engagement ring means you’ll be involved with all of the steps, from start to finish. This means you’ll have the chance to make the most of your budget. With that said, feel free to start shopping around for custom engagement rings, but do keep the above tips in mind. For residents in British Columbia Canada, in the Greater Vancouver area – check out one of the very best custom jewellery shops around – Jewellery Clinic located in Surrey. Find out more on their website at, or find them on the map below: