What to Do When you are in a Car Accident

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Car Accident InjuryWhat do you do if you have a very minor collision together with another vehicle on the road?

First 30 a few moments:

1. Remain in your car.

2. Placed your emergency lights

3. Turn off the engine.

5. Apply the emergency brake.

5. Take deep breaths.

6. Ensure passengers are not injured

Next 25 seconds, if there are no injuries:

1. Look for signs of danger from your other driver

2. If other motorist is aggressive, relax in the vehicle and ring the police.

3. If other motorist is behaving reasonably, open the door to engage in a neutral manner.

4. Remember that everyone has elevated levels of adrenaline in these types of situations and make an effort to think – relaxed.

5. Call the police

Next few minutes:

1. Consider whether your current passengers are safer into the car or outside the house.

2. Ask any one around for details and if they would be able to act as a witness.

3. Consult the other motorist, but never declare any responsibility to the accident.

4. Leave the automobile where it is unless there is immediate danger, until the law enforcement have arrived, even if it is obstructing traffic.

Next 5 a few minutes:

1. Take pics of cars as well as licence plates. Discretely try and include the other drivers in the shots.

2. Photograph from the junction and road layout the place that the accident happened. Contain road condition as well as weather.

3. Take notes. Was the opposite car driving together with headlights? Was the opposite driver wearing a pair of glasses, or shades? Did the opposite driver seem preoccupied by children or everything else in the car. Was the additional driver drinking, utilizing a phone or using tobacco when theaccident occurred?

Next 15 a few minutes:

1. One the RCMP have arrived, answer their concerns and stay relaxed.

2. Inform officer of any observations which might be pertinent, such as if the other driver was utilizing a phone, or received no headlights on.

3. Relocate your motor vehicle, if possible, once the police has completed any kind of measurements or additional necessary observations.

4. Ask the police what the up coming stage is. Ask if the offer intends to issue any tickets?

5. Law enforcement officer may supply you with orders on what to do with your car

6. Ensure you write down the Incident Number from the officer as well as his/her name.

7. Contact a tow service if your vehicle can not be driven.


Call your insurer and ask for a summary of autobody repair facilities they deal with close to you.

Your insurer will quite definitely have a listing of Approved Repairers. These will likely be companies that this insurer has identified inspected and identified acceptable. Many companies will certainly inflate estimates whenever they know that the bill is going to be paid by an insurer. The estimates offered by Approved Repairers happen to be judged reasonable as well as uninflated.

The workshop receives a huge part of its business from your insurance companies so are well motivated to stick to their rules, instead of to add on damage repairs not as a result of the insured car accident.

To receive endorsement status the bodyshop have to have jigs, paint-shops and ranges to heat this painted parts to ensure the work is as much as the original excellent.

While your car is within the bodyshop, inquire further for estimates for making good any additional damages that’s not arisen from your accident. You will need to pay for this kind of yourself, but the price may just be lower than if you just brought it in.

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