Who is Gloria Deluxe?

From Brooklyn, Gloria Deluxe is fronted by vocalist, songwriter, and also multi-instrumentalist Cynthia Hopkins. Ms. Hopkins has recorded and toured with Dan Zanes and his friends. Gloria Deluxe has an album recorded under her own name (featuring most of her Gloria Deluxe bandmates) called devotionals.

No Categories can properly define Gloria Deluxe’s music: the albums are categorized by iTunes as “blues, ” “alternative, ” and also “country, ” however, these are only labels and don’t truly create an adequate image. The tone is urban plus partakes of the particular music hall and also cabaret. Some work, including their most recent album, ACCIDENTAL NOSTALGIA, has been composed to accompany unique variations of performance art items.

Another distinctive function of Gloria Deluxe’s work will be the instrumentation. In addition towards the usual guitar, bass, and drums regarding modern popular audio, G. D. prominently features Philippa Thompson’s violin, and also Ms. Hopkins’ accordion, as well as other instruments, most notably the musical found.